Felchle Democracy Research Project

Google Slides Creating a hanging Indent on Reference Slide

  • Highlight the text you want to Format then click on Format 
  • Then Click on Format options  this brings up options on the right
  • Under Text fitting look for special  click on Special and Choose Hanging  then choose by 0.5
  • This will create a hanging indent

Google Slides Revert to Previous Version

  • Under title click on Last edit right hand side in the File line
  • This will bring up version history
  • Click back on the previous version to restore it click the three dots

World Book OnlineWorld Book Student written for Middle School

Login: information

Password: kpbsd

(password needed at home)

CIA World Factbook

Click on Countries then choose from alphabetical list

To Cite this source: Got to About the go down to Copyright and Contributors

Click on learn more then go down to Citation Model

The World Factbook 2020. Central Intelligence Agency.

Country Reports

Login: kmiddle

Password: student

Access Google Slides on District Website Click on Google Drive

Go to slides to work on your project.

APA Citation PowerPoint Video

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Checking Out Books When Remote

Please place your book on hold in Alexandria Directions follow:

Alexandria Library Researcher

Video How to place a Hold in Researcher

  1. Log into researcher with your lunch number  without the zero and your password is your last name
  2. Search – Explore or Browse to find a book you would like
  3. Place that book on hold with the drop down on the top right (book with hand)
  4. We will have the book available for you on Wed and Friday.
  5. If you need it immediately please call 1729.
  6. Make sure to click the book and place it on hold.
  7. Be patient we are working through these processes
  8. Call or email with any questions

***Know the book you want you can go directly to the shelf and get it for check it out! Check in first when you arrive in the library.

Sora Ebooks and Audiobooks (overdrive)

KPBSD Students and Parents and click on SORA

How to get started with Sora

Video How to use SORA


Sora is a reading and listening app from Overdrive that allows users to access  ebooks and audiobooks on most any device.

Getting Started adding the app to your device!

  • Download the FREE Sora app from the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, or soraapp.com
  • Search for KPBSD Main Collection using ZIP CODE ~ 99669
  • Read & Listen from any device: Chromebooks, tablets, laptops, desktops, and phones.

KPBSD Staff & Students (Gr. 3-12) have access to collection

Student Login : ID Number / Normal Password

Staff Login:  eNumber with a 9 in place of E / Normal Password

Ask Ms. Gann or Mrs. Brown if you have any questions!

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KMS Virtual Collection

Happy Holidays!

Read a good book over the holidays!

Remember Sora is available all the time.

Want to read online check out or virtual collections or login to Alexandria and place a book on hold!

Email Ms Gann if you need help

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World Book Online

World Book Online KPBSD


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Homework Help on SLED

Do you need some help with your homework!!!

Go to SLED


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Happy Thanksgiving!

Thankful for our students!


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Battle of the Books KMS

Link to AKASL State Battle of the Books website

Middle School Battle of the Books -Email coach Mrs. Nabholz

6th Battle of the Books – Coach Ms. Gann

Please fill out this 6th Grade Battle Google Form if you have not already done so. Ms. Gann will be holding Battle Zoom meetings  on Fridays at 11:00  on starting November 13th  please email Ms. Gann for password. Start reading and if you need to check out battle books. Place them on hold with Alexandria.

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Mr. Lyke’s Research Links with Sled

Sled Database Links for Middle School

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Homework Help

Don’t Forget Homework Help on Sled

Live Homework Help

Live Homework help link

Hours: M-F 8:00-2:00 am, Sat-Sun

“Get school work done and get back to life.”

  • FREE
  • Real time online tutoring 25+ subjects
  • Drop off for overnight review of essays , book reports and more
  • Study resources
  • Test prep
  • Career resources
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Felchle Countries of the Third World Research

Everything you need for your Research


Citations 7th Grade slides

Assignment Details

Citation Information Gann-3rd World 2020 and Google Slides for Presentation documents

Citations 7th grade – APA-10-2020.pdf


The CIA World Factbook

World Book Online  

Country Reports

Helpful Videos

Slides for your Presentation

APA Citation 3rd World

Locating Presentation Sources

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