Felchle Democracy Research Project

Google Slides Creating a hanging Indent on Reference Slide

  • Highlight the text you want to Format then click on Format 
  • Then Click on Format options  this brings up options on the right
  • Under Text fitting look for special  click on Special and Choose Hanging  then choose by 0.5
  • This will create a hanging indent

Google Slides Revert to Previous Version

  • Under title click on Last edit right hand side in the File line
  • This will bring up version history
  • Click back on the previous version to restore it click the three dots

World Book OnlineWorld Book Student written for Middle School

Login: information

Password: kpbsd

(password needed at home)

CIA World Factbook

Click on Countries then choose from alphabetical list

To Cite this source: Got to About the go down to Copyright and Contributors

Click on learn more then go down to Citation Model

The World Factbook 2020. Central Intelligence Agency.

Country Reports

Login: kmiddle

Password: student

Access Google Slides on District Website Click on Google Drive

Go to slides to work on your project.

APA Citation PowerPoint Video

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